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About Us

About our Company


"Cleanliness is next to godliness" - so be Clean with Cleanovo!!

Cleanova products traded by Hoxovo Trading Pvt ltd company aiming heal at ease with care is the best way to ensure safety.Our commodities provide best quantity with quality materials safe to health and the public. Hoxovo trading brand with years of experience and proved trademark owns cleanova cleansing products. Availability of variable quantities of cleansing products including Sanitizers, Masks, Nitrile gloves, PPE kits, Fogging machines and other needy medical equipments at fair cost makes Cleanova choicest. We pave the way for our upcoming products including handwashes, dishwashing liquids and so on. Our satisfied clients' remarks are hearty and all those make Cleanova the best!!

Our Satisfied Clients

Cleanova commodities branded by Hoxovo Trading has gained advantage over other medical equipment companies by its enhanced and passionate healing technology. Cleanova clients includes: